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Life if nothing else is about Preservation.

My name is Andy Crosse, and I use my knowledge, experience and motivation to help all my clients achieve a better quality of life. 

I Work with clients in Bristol and the surrounding area either at my home, their home, or any green space.


As a fully qualified personal trainer, I help all my clients achieve their personal goals through inspiration and knowledge.

My ethos is body preservation through intelligent exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.


Custom Programs

Everybody is different

That's why I offer a completely custom personal training program to suit your individual body, your personal goals and your lifestyle

Focussed programs for:

  • Weight loss
  • Injury rehab
  • Strength training
  • General Fitness 
  • Improved posture
  • Nutrition advice

Intelligent Training

I adopt a scientific approach to my clients and their training — monitoring, measuring, and assessing their goals.

Identifying issues caused by injuries or lifestyle choices, providing lasting solutions, not just quick fixes.

I thrive on seeing my client progress both physically and mentally. Watching how they leave the gym with a confident swagger, and a smile on their face never gets old.


Bespoke Nutrition Plans

You are what you eat!

I carefully design meal plans and nutritional advice to support my clients with their fitness goals and lifestyle aspirations. 

Again, its a completely bespoke service based on individuals. 

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